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Zakat & Ushr

Zakat & Ushr system was enforced in the country after promulgation Zakat & Ushr Ordinance 1980 (No. XVIII of 1980), The collection of Zakat base compulsory levy of Zakat at source from 11 types of assets detailed in 1st schedule of Zakat & Ushr Ordinance 1980. Ministry of Religious Affaris. Zakat & Ushr (MORA) Islamabad administers collection of Zakat and maintenance of relevant accounts. The amount of Zakat so deducted is credited in Central Account No. 08-Central Zakat Fund, maintained with the State Bank of Pakistan Karachi.

The disbursement of Zakat takes place by transfer of funds to the Provincial Zakat Council which in turn transfer it to District Zakat Committees (DZCs). The actual disbursement is made at Local level through LZCs and other institutions. MORA allocates funds to the province according to the percentage of population of each province for its disbursement according to the law and the provisions of Zakat Disbursement Procedure approved by the Central Zakat Council (CZC),

In Punjab, Zakat & Ushr, Department is sharing the responsibility of distribution of Zakat amongst Mustehqeen-e-Zakat under different programmes, like Guzara Allowances, Educational Stipend to the Students of Educational Institutions and Deeni Madaris, Health Care, Rehabilitation, Marriage of Musthaiq Girls and Stipends to Musthaiq students of technical institutions.

There are 35 DZCs and approximately 25267 Local Zakat Committees (LZC) enguage in disbursing Zakat money among mustehqeen (beneficiaries) manually is burdensome and it is difficult to deduct fraudulent practices. It was therefore, felid imperative to develop a central data base of all beneficiaries online so that administration may have insight into to the ongoing Zakat disbursement of different projects of Zakat and consolidation of facts and figures. The web site has accordingly, been developed to achieve this goal.

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